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Training + Implementation

At TDigital, we firmly believe that comprehensive client training is pivotal for the successful implementation of our solutions. A mere demonstration of key features is insufficient; we recognize the importance of ensuring our clients are not only acquainted with the functionalities but also proficient in leveraging them for maximum efficiency in their daily business operations.

Our approach to training is hands-on, and we offer additional training packages to provide an in-depth understanding to all stakeholders. Our dedicated training team conducts thorough sessions, delving into the intricacies of features, bells, and whistles, empowering stakeholders to manipulate these tools to their advantage.

Comprising individuals with education degrees, our training team is adept at tailoring their teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We understand the significance of avoiding assumptions about existing knowledge while constantly evaluating and refining our delivery methods to ensure engagement and progress.

Our commitment to client success is evident as many of our clients have not only gained proficiency through our training but have gone on to attain their own Salesforce Certifications, enhancing their positions within their organizations. At Thanawalla Digital, our mission is to empower clients to confidently navigate and optimize their organizational landscape.

Our Team Lead

Meet Pamela Thanawalla, our Client Training Success Manager, whose unwavering commitment is to guarantee that every training session facilitated by TDigital equips your team with the essential tools and effective communication strategies for a seamless rollout. A distinguished alumna of Southern Methodist University, Pamela holds a Master’s degree in education. With more than two decades of experience, she has devoted her career to mastering the art of teaching, channeling her expertise to ensure that your company benefits from the most exceptional training experience possible.