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About TDigital Standup Weekends

A Standup Weekend is where Salesforce Admins, developers, business analysts, and architects all come together to stand up a Salesforce org for a non-profit. As part of our company ethos, Thanawalla Digital is committed to giving back 1% of its time, product, and profit to the community. The best way to do that? With friends of course! What’s great about a standup weekend is that you can work with your friends in the Salesforce ecosystem for an entire weekend to give back, learn, and implement some new Salesforce skills.

Each year, a team of 5 people gets together in July to select next year’s charity to Standup a Salesforce org for. This charity will receive the Nonprofit Starter Pack with Salesforce licenses provided by Salesforce completely free of charge. In addition, the charity will receive the following:
– Enterprise-level consultancy work (2023 donated 5,000 hours)
– Monetary donations
– Salesforce org support after implementation
– Physical donations (items appropriate for the charity)
– Charity visibility
In years past, the city of Richardson has been kind enough to support our standups by issuing a proclamation for that weekend. The University of Texas at Dallas has also provided the space to host the standup and several companies have provided various items such as food and drinks.

This is a wonderful opportunity, especially for students, to gain experience in the Salesforce ecosystem while also networking and working under some of the top professionals in this arena. Aside from implementation, we have various sessions throughout the event on various topics such as women in tech, navigating the job market as an immigrant, and sessions that highlight the charity as well. At the end of the event, every participant will receive a LinkedIn badge to display on their profile to show that they participated in the Standup weekend. Special TDigital Team MVP awards will also be awarded at the end of the weekend with cake.

We are always looking for volunteers of all backgrounds, skills and interests to get involved. Please fill out our volunteer form and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

“Weekends are usually about parties and having fun. I attended a ‘working weekend event’ and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life… It was exhilarating to see everyone from MVPs to students, from VPs to developers, come together, to brainstorm, discuss, debate, propose and develop a solution for Stafford Manning and the IGTBOK team to help support their commendable effort to eradicate human trafficking. In all my years of education, this is the best way I have put my theoretical class knowledge to practical use.” – Allama Hossain

“One of my proudest moments was initiating the development of my own Salesforce email flow to automate the process of reaching out to donors. As a Salesforce beginner, it was a big deal for me to identify this requirement and create the flow, and it was incredibly rewarding to see how this small contribution could have a big impact in helping IGTBOK better connect with its supporters and raise funds for their important work.” – Aditi Chand

“I feel blessed and honored to have contributed my time for a good cause, and learned so much alongside other Salesforce enthusiasts, special thanks to my team lead Navaid Hussain, for his guidance and support.” – Parveen Basha

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing event and work towards a worthy cause.” – Varnika Prasad

“Big shout out to my new friends Moyez and Sarah Thanawalla for putting this event together along with Paul McCollum of the Dallas Salesforce Developers Group and Navaid Hussain for their insights into this project and my path forward in the Salesforce Ecosystem! Everyone made this a weekend to remember!” – Devon Priscilla

Past Standup Weekends

Center for Children and Families

Over 300 Salesforce administrators, developers, analysts, and students came together to support the Center for Children and Families (CCF) affiliated with the University of Texas at Dallas. Together, we dedicated 3,675 hours of consulting work aimed at enhancing childhood development in our local community. Our mission? To streamline data management processes at CCF, utilizing science-backed approaches to empower parents and enhance developmental screening techniques. 

2023 was our first year really back from COVID and we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout to enhance It’s Going To Be OK’s Salesforce org. We implemented a complete donor process that tracked donations and delivered tax receipts to donors, increased and tightened security around the org, built a more robust client tracking process where additional tasks could be fulfilled, and we built out the user experience to make it seamless.

In 2022, TDigital partnered with the University of Texas at Dallas to initiate UTD’s student case competition. The goal of the competition was to build enhancements to Gods Child’s Salesforce org reporting and delivery of child-centric progress to donors sponsoring a particular child. Over the course of a weekend, several student teams competed to build the best possible solution for the Gods Child Project and by the end of the weekend, delivered enhancements that were ready to go Monday morning.

Salesforce for Youth

In 2019, our founder and CEO Moyez Thanawalla had the opportunity to do a passion project of his: teach. At the time, Moyez lead the Dallas Salesforce Developers group and noticed a lot of students had an interest in learning about the low code/ no code platform Salesforce provides. So the idea was put into place and the Dallas Developers Group sponsored a “Salesforce for Youth” initiative. Over one weekend, 120 high school students sat in a classroom with Moyez and fellow dev group members and they taught the students Salesforce.

It’s Going To Be OK is a nonprofit that fights to end human trafficking at the national level on a daily basis. Tonya Stafford-Manning, founder and thriver herself, focuses on rescuing victims from human trafficking and providing the legal, physical, emotional, and monetary support they need to heal.
We built them a Salesforce org that allowed caseworkers to intake clients from their phone, track donations from various households and individuals, as well as created security around sensitive information.

“The Gods Child Project was founded in 1991 at the urgent request of several dozen orphaned and abandoned Guatemalan children whom GCP founder Patrick Atkinson had cared for during Guatemala’s violent 1980s civil war years.” Since then, the organization has grown exponentially and has facilities set up in Guatemala, India, and the United States where they continue to house and educate orphaned children.
We built them a Salesforce org that empowered them to track the progress of each child in their program and to maintain a history of donations, funds distribution, and educational progress for each child.

Computers for the Blind is a non-profit that builds complete computers modified to users’ impediments. This includes enhanced keyboards, converting vision to audio, etc. We built them a Salesforce org to track the requests for their computers and the exact type of system including accessories that were delivered to these users and kept track of any changes, replacements, or enhancements, that were necessary to deliver products.We built them a Salesforce org that allowed caseworkers to intake clients from their phone, track donations from various households and individuals, as well as created security around sensitive information.