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In January of 2020, almost 3 years ago, rumors seeped across media that there was a new virus, the Corona Virus and it was going to severely impact humans. The virus took its course, and now we are starting to gather again, attend conferences, and go back to work. As we move into life post pandemic, many companies, including ours, face a common dilemma: should remote work continue? Productivity is at the height of concern as rumors of an impending recession spread quickly. But many argue that they are more productive at home and enjoy the newfound freedom with the lack of commuting to work. So how does this impact business from the management perspective?

Many would agree that a post covid work environment is not favorable to hiring managers. Now more than ever the younger generation of Millennials and Gen-Z are demanding work from home positions and that is made abundantly clear. Staffing shortages have left many consulting firms like ours with incredibly high turnover. According to a study conducted by McKinsey and Company, 47% of people stated that their motivation for seeking a new job was due to greater pay or hours and 21% stated working remotely. Other reasons such as alignment with the company’s cultural values came in at 6%. The old attitude of being loyal to a company, paying your dues while you’re young and being rewarded with top paying jobs once your career is well established as a way of the past. Workers are making demands and unfortunately leaving managers and business owners in tough positions. So how do organizations and managers evolve with this changing landscape? The answer lies in integrating data capture and intent recognition technology to manage workflow, increase productivity and serve customers better.

The Benefits of Deploying Data Capture and Intent Recognition in your business

Reduces the need for human input.

Data Capture and intent recognition replaces the need to have a physical human sort and input various incoming documents. Data capture and intent recognition is a reliable system that works like humans do. Day to day business operations receive multiple emails, faxes, and forms from various places and in various formats. This is where humans come into play. Humans use their recognition skills to read these documents and place them in the correct place. This often requires some training and is thus a pain point when employee turnover is high. A mundane task can be quickly and simply automated to increase productivity without the need for excess training or a learning lag.

Software never gets tired.

One thing humans simply can’t compete with computers on is their ability to never get tired. Humans need time to rest and most can really only focus properly for around an hour. Software doesn’t need breaks or time to sleep. Software is always on and can perform tasks while you are sleeping.

Software is always accurate.

As humans get tired, they tend to make errors. Errors in judgment and even simple errors such as filing a paper in the wrong folder can result in catastrophic issues for a company. This can result in delays, confusion, and at worst a loss in revenue. Once artificial intelligence learns the path of similarity, it can consistently and accurately make decisions on where files should be placed based on a quick scan.

The Challenges

Software does require some overview.

Most software is meant to be used as a tool and while it can be extremely beneficial to streamline productivity, there is some oversight that must be taken. Many managers check over their employee’s work before sending it out to a client and it is wise to look over software’s work once before it goes out as well.

It takes some time to learn and get used to.

As is the case with any software implementation there is a learning curve on both sides. It takes time for the software to learn your company’s unique pattern recognition. It also takes time for you to learn the software to use it to its full potential. The upside to this learning period is that it is a one time occurrence.

Implementing Frontgate as your Data Capture and Intent Recognition Platform

FrontGate by Thanawalla Digital is a breakthrough software designed to bring efficiency and simplicity to your organization’s multichannel inputs.

Data Capture and Intent Recognition software generally will get you 90% of the way to increase productivity. Frontgate completes that extra 10% by not only increasing productivity and establishing a common language from department to department but it will streamline processes that were once a bottleneck. Voicemails need to be transcribed? No problem. Fax’s need to be received and processed? Done. Sensitive information needs to be encrypted? Asked and answered. The idea is to reduce the need for human interaction into the CRM. Efficiency is about finding the bottlenecks in the production process and removing or improving. You as a business owner or manager can arm yourself with the necessary tools to drive productivity and increase revenue without ever going through multiple training processes for each employee each time turnover occurs.

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