Thanawalla Digital Goes Net Zero

Dallas, Texas, September 26, 2022 - This past week, Founder and CEO of Thanawalla Digital, Moyez Thanawalla attended Dreamforce like many other Trailblazers. It was here that Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce announced that Salesforce is Net Zero and launched Sustainability Cloud 2.0 to help its customers achieve Net Zero too.

“Climate change is one of the most pressing crises we face as a planet, and each one of us has a responsibility to help. I’m proud that Salesforce is one of the few companies to have achieved Net Zero and 100% renewable energy, but we can’t stop until we embrace every solution and get every business on board. Together, we can sequester 100 gigatons of carbon by restoring, conserving, or growing 1 trillion trees; energize an ecopreneur revolution to develop innovative climate solutions; and accelerate the Fortune 1000 to reach Net Zero.” – Marc Benioff, CEO and Chair, Salesforce.

We are proud to announce that TDigital is implementing a Net Zero Campaign to be Net Zero by Summer 2023. Moyez will personally ascertain that every project completed by TDigital reaches Net Zero emissions. This will be achieved by working closely with our clients to determine carbon emissions produced from the project and offset those carbon emissions by expensing - at TDigital’s cost - the carbon credits to offset the emissions we can’t yet eliminate. This will be done by utilizing Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace and Sustainability Cloud so clients get a real time look at their emissions and their progress toward Net Zero.

The climate crisis is rapidly approaching insurmountable levels. The human race is at a crossroads. We can take the path to restore our finite resources, or we can continue the path we are currently on. “I urge you to think of not just yourself but your legacy. In our lifetime, we can change the trajectory of our children’s lifetime. Net Zero is a real, achievable goal which we must reach. I am proud that TDigital is taking the right steps to help change the arc of history.” – Moyez Thanawalla, CEO and Founder, TDigital.

Please contact us today to go Net Zero on your next project.