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Meet Moyez Thanawalla

Moyez Thanawalla is the Founder and CEO of Thanawalla Digital, a Dallas based company that focuses on developing sophisticated, high-volume Salesforce orgs for large enterprises.

Before founding Thanawalla Digital in 2015, Moyez was ingrained in the Dallas technology sector for over thirty years focusing on the business and technology process leadership within the largest companies in the US. Moyez holds dozens of technical certifications and recognitions and holds degrees in Engineering and Computer Science from Southern Methodist University.

Moyez regularly speaks and lectures on cloud technologies across the country and in 2023 joined the University of Texas at Dallas as an adjunct professor in the Jindal Business School’s MIS department. Mr. Thanawalla teaches graduate classes in Business Process Management using emerging cloud technologies.

An advocate for giving back and supporting his community, Moyez engages Thanawalla Digital with numerous non-profit organizations and causes including charity StandUp Weekends, Pledge 1% and the companies pledge to go ‘Net Zero’.

Moyez is passionate about empowering and strengthening the technical community locally and throughout the globe. Under Moyez’s leadership, the Thanawalla Digital team has developed domain experience in computing and internet technologies with a footprint on many of today’s ubiquitous technologies: DSP designs in today’s cell phones, microprocessor control of heavy machinery, cloud data security within fortune 500 companies, integration patterns between cloud systems and legacy on-prem data stores.