Bringing Organization and Efficiency to a World of Chaos

Your computer systems process thousands of orders, requests and complaints daily.  If you are a pharmacist, prescriptions are consistently coming in over email, voicemail and text message.

The need for someone to transcribe the influx of messages into your order processing system creates a bottleneck.  The voice mail or fax could be sitting on the machine for 24 hours (or over the weekend) before someone looks at it.  The loss of productivity can lead to customer frustration and employee burnout.

That’s where FrontGate comes in!


The Human Brain Reimagined

T.Digital’s FrontGate was designed to eliminate the human delay in processing order information.

T.Digital’s FrontGate is a neural network algorithm that recognizes relationships within a data set by mimicking processes similar to the human brain.

As FrontGate learns your information – handwriting, print language, standard forms, and speech – it extracts the intent and details from the myriad of communication channels.
FrontGate is a breakthrough technology that learns your specific business. Documents are processed into records in your target order or service system.  It does this using an intent engine that connects to your incoming fax machine, voice mail, email, and SMS channels, deciphering the data to build records in your favorite CRM system.
FrontGate understands how to process human language…
just like you do.

The Downstream Benefits of FrontGate Are:

  • Instant creation of order and service tickets regardless of the channel of communication.
  • Elimination of human intervention.  FrontGate can understand human writing and speech.
  • Customized output to build records with fields and types that your CRM system understands.
  • Voice recordings and original images available inside your system as attachments.
  • A process that mimics human transcription, but one that gets smarter, never sleeps, and never gets tired.

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