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FORTRESS by TDigital

A persistent threat assessment tool that analyzes stored files across multiple dimensions.


Stored files represent a data risk on many fronts: SPI (Sensitive Personal Information), Malware, Viruses, Objectionable Images just to name a few. These are saved on many different formats: pdf, docx, jpg, png, zip files, and hashtables.

More importantly, your data store should be scanned continuously, not only when new files enter the datastore. When new threats are discovered across the globe, the algorithms should be updated, and all documents should be tested against these new algorithms.


Fortress by T Digital uses a different approach. Popular security software simply tests files against known threat signatures. That’s it! They are able to identify these signatures so long as the datastore has not compressed or altered the file prior to storage (think data hashing). We go a step beyond. Your enterprise data-stores are tested against AI algorithms that recognize extended security breeches such as objectionable images and SPI data that exists within stored documents.FrontGate understands how to process human language… just like you do. We use a proprietary, API-first approach to look at high-risk segments of documents across your data-store. Each day, our algorithms request a fraction of each document or image file from your database (anywhere from 5% to 100% of the documents) and run tests against known malware signatures AND against our AI engine that detects objectionable visual material and SPI data. Malware signatures and the AI training materials are updated daily and form a growing knowledge base across our platform.

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