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Community Outreach

As part of our company ethos we actively participate in pledge 1% where we commit to donating 1% of our time, product, and profit back to the community each year. One of the ways we do that is by hosting our yearly charity standup, growing produce in our company community garden, and offering a Net Zero commitment to all our clients projects.

Standup Weekends

A Standup Weekend is where Salesforce Admins, developers, business analysts, and architects all come together to stand up a Salesforce org for a non-profit. As part of our company ethos, Thanawalla Digital is committed to giving back 1% of its time, product, and profit to the community. The best way to do that? With friends of course! What’s great about a standup weekend is that you can work with your friends in the Salesforce ecosystem for an entire weekend to give back, learn, and implement some new Salesforce skills.

Community Garden

Thanawalla Digital strongly believes in giving back in ways that encourage everyone to use their time and their talents to give back. Our community garden is a great way for team members to get outside, get their hands dirty and get involved. Collectively, the community garden has grown and donated over 500 pounds of food to local food banks. Team TDigital loves contributing to the garden, and is so excited to help grow and harvest even more delicious produce to help bring fresh food to those in need.