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Best Practices for Salesforce Automation

Returning to the “new normal” has led CEO’s to look to Salesforce automation. It is one thing to talk about integration and process control in the abstract, and quite another to make it work in YOUR Salesforce environment. So how do you get there efficiently and cost-effectively? It’s overwhelming, but here’s some insight into best practices to support automation that we’ve developed at Thanawalla Digital>>

Making the Case for CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Recently, Thanawalla Digital has implemented Salesforce CPQ for a number of our enterprise clients. We are increasingly seeing the performance benefits accruing to these business units because of CPQ. Their closed/won rates are improving remarkably…Here is why I think that is.

May the Force Be With You…Salesforce that is.

As a Salesforce MVP (5 years running) Moyez had the opportunity to meet Mark Hammil, the actor best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars film series, and have this photo taken with him. He’s a huge fan, it was a great honor and we look forward to networking with Trailheads again soon!

Are Your Analytics Lying to You?

Are your analytics lying to you? I’ve thought about this question often. A daily dose of charts lands on my desk before the morning coffee, and every senior level exec. looks at some version of the same set of data. The question is…are the numbers lying to me? #analytics, #salesforce, #einstein, #HBR

The Gremlins in your Salesforce Security Protocol

Salesforce gives you the tools to build a robust security model. And therein lies the false sense of security. You have the tools! Using these tools, and adding your own are the real challenge of securing your org.

The CPQ Challenge for the Telecom Industry

I just completed a CPQ implementation for a large US telephone company. What started out as a simple exercise in pricing turned into a fun but extensive challenge of fitting a square peg into a round hole.