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In 3 days, over 400 volunteers donated over 5,000 hours of time for It’s Going To Be OK. Our Mission: Empower It’s Going to Be Okay (IGTBOK) with a versatile and portable Salesforce Nonprofit Organization that streamlines and automates everyday tasks, manages donation processing, and ensures robust security measures. If you were unable to participate in this year’s TDigital Standup Weekend, here are the noteworthy highlights. Friday night started off strong with an exceptional kickoff dinner provided by Credit Union of Texas and the Mayor Pro Tem, Janet DePuy, who declared the weekend of March 3rd, 2023 the It’s Going To Be OK Salesforce Standup weekend. Volunteers worked late into the night to get the team plan of action established before showing up bright and early at 8:00 am on a Saturday! Our fantastic team leads led the charge to implement the non-profit starter pack for the org and add a little… Spice.

Paul McCullom led the usability team, which focused on refining the user experience for IGTBOK. Their objective was to ensure that even those new to Salesforce could effortlessly navigate the organization’s platform and promptly access the relevant information they needed.

Navaid Hussain’s process team automated IGTBOK’s forms, enabling caseworkers to efficiently process survivor intake forms and move survivors throughout each stage of the program.

IGTBOK heavily relies on the generosity of philanthropists who contribute their time and resources. Nishchitha Nagaraj and her team developed insightful and comprehensive reports that highlighted the progress IGTBOK is achieving in their rescue and education endeavors.

Data security is of utmost importance in any Salesforce organization, but it is particularly vital for IGTBOK, as it can make a significant difference between life and death. Shawnee Scesney’s security team customized user profiles and permission sets for each persona, ensuring the utmost safeguarding and protection of sensitive information.

Sunita Manne led the donor process team, responsible for configuring NPSP to automatically create records from external forms, track donations, and generate contribution reminder emails and year-end tax statements.

Sunday came very quickly and by the end of the weekend, our volunteers could turn over a fully functioning org to IGTBOK which automated mundane tasks, created security around their daily process, and allowed them to grow. Most of Sunday was spent training the IGTOBOK staff. Tears of appreciation were shed when the new IGTBOK Salesforce org was unveiled, symbolizing our collective success. Sunday concluded with CAKE and TDigital Team MVP awards TDigital Standup Weekend MVPs were awarded their sunglasses and hats too! Our MVPs were:

  • Lindsey Jones – Process Team
  • Nidhi Gupta – Reports Team
  • Varun Vijay Patil – Donor Process Team
  • Apoorva Gutta – Security Team
  • Kimberly Perez – Usability Team

We are so thankful to those of you who spent a weekend doing even more work. It takes an incredible team to pull off standing up an entire org in about 72 hours. We hope you will join us next year for Thanawalla Digital’s Standup Weekend 2024! If you have a charity you would like to nominate to be the 2024 charity, send us an email at standup@t.digital. We would love to hear from you!