Who We Are

Thanawalla Digital is a Software engineering firm located in Dallas, Texas.  Our founder, Moyez Thanawalla has been part of  engineering programs in the Dallas area since the mid 1980s; working in and forging his skills in the center of US’s telecom corridor.  As such, our leadership and our teams have deep domain experience in computing and internet technologies.  We have participated in the progression of computing technology from microprocessors to cloud computing.


Our workmanship can be found in many of today’s ubiquitous technologies: DSP designs in today’s cell phones, microprocessor control of heavy machinery, cloud  data security within fortune 500 companies, integration patterns between cloud systems and legacy on-prem data stores.


Since 2007 we have focused exclusively on cloud CRM technologies, and again, have amassed a wealth of experience in cloud computing methods.  Today, our implementations are being used by industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, telecom, cable, insurance, human resources, manufacturing, non-profit and education.


We pioneered cloud data defense with our signature secure data algorithms (Thanawalla Defense Technologies; TDS) , offering a multi-point, prolific approach to data integrity, accountability and theft deterrence.  Far from theoretical exercises, our methods are in use today, across multiple organizations, securing millions of daily transactions.


Our consultants hold the highest available certifications for complex pricing software products such as CPQ, with an unparalleled breadth of implementation experience across many industries and thousands of users.  We have been part of the CPQ industry since its inception; having implemented one of the very first complex-pricing, multi-approvals-step CPQ platforms in the early 2000s.


Because of our founders’ background in communications, our customers reach out to us for complex cloud data integration needs.  We have developed and deployed scalable algorithms to keep diverse databases synchronized across the globe.  Our leadership and oversight of clients’ integration architecture have been instrumental in avoiding lost data, guaranteeing data visibility and integrity, and assuring high availability across their data networks.